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Chiang Mai Charitable Projects

Visit the Glenn Croston House. A former London police officer and teacher, Glenn, and his Thai wife Rosjana, founded a home for kids from families seriously affected by drugs, HIV/AIDS and other diseases, abandoned kids or those with imprisoned parents, children aged 22 months to 15 years, who would have nowhere else to turn without their help. He even walked across Thailand, not an easy task, to raise funds for his 30-some kids. Contact him directly to tour the facility, and besides the heart-warming experience of meeting the kids, he’s offered to give you a mini-tour of the Haripunchai Temple in old Lamphun and fill you in on local Lanna history. To contact Glenn and plan your visit, go to

Join the Chiang Mai ToyRide, helping children in need and bringing smiles to kids and families. Scheduled for 21 February 2010, the main ride is a festive parade through the city with motorcycles/scooters of all sizes, classic cars, kids in decorated trucks, finally arriving at the X-Centre lake side near Mae Rim with clowns, magician, monkeys, food, music and games for 80 kids and a few hundred riders. During the year smaller charity rides venture to small villages where kids and families receive toys, food, athletic equipment and warm blankets. For events during your Thailand trip, check out

the book Life in the Laugh Lane

the book Life in the Laugh Lane

Give and get the book Life in the Laugh Lane: facts, fiction and photos from America to Asia. Packed with stories about life, bugs, traffic and travel in Thailand and beyond, all with a comic slant. Real life is much funnier than fiction and 300 pictures prove it. While you’re grinning, you’ll also be giving, since all profits from this book go directly to needy children through the nonprofit Give and Live in the USA and Thailand. Sample chapters: “Think Thai or Die…Body Parts Ala Carte…Golf is a four-letter word…The SS Cellulite…6,000,000 Cleaning Ladies…Just say no to bugs.” Visit to order your book, a charitable donation to help Give and Live help some children!

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