We are the Ultimate Thailand Explorers!

In one fleeting moment, our lives changed. As we were planning and building this Thailand Mania web site, provocative news flashed across our screen:

“The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is calling on all Internet savvy world travelers to enter the Ultimate Thailand Explorers competition. Competitors get a free trip to Thailand and chance to win over $15,000 in cash and prizes.”

The Ultimate Thailand Explores

The Ultimate Thailand Explorers

Our brains stormed. “We’re definitely Internet savvy. We’re world travelers and explorers. We love Thailand. Hmmm. Are we The Ultimate?” No matter what we think, the decision will come from you people all over the world and the TAT. We decided to find out for sure. Hey, life is short, make it wide.

TAT’s Ultimate Thailand Explorers press release says the event was created “to publicize Thailand’s five top tourist destinations: Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Koh Samui. Teams of foreign visitors, selected by judges and public voters…will have six days to travel around their selected destinations and “explore” the many attractions, sights, activities, and other features found there. To promote the destinations, the contestants are required to share their daily experiences with a global audience by posting photos, videos, blogs, and travel stories with social media tools in order to inspire other global travelers to learn more about and plan to visit those destinations.”

We choose Chiang Mai as our destination in the Ultimate Thailand Explorers Competition. We live here and can save TAT the cost of a couple plane tickets. We know where to go and still have an absolute ball knowing and going. The entry rules say we just have to be foreigners and can live anywhere. Well, we’re definitely foreign and we live anywhere.

Let’s get those doggies movin’! So we apply, submit the video by mid-October, TAT selects semi-finalists, you and humanity in general votes for us from 19 October-12 November 2009, and then, you and god willing, we’ll be selected as one of the five winning teams that explore in December. After our six days of travel, blogging, filming, communicating, being intensely enthusiastic with charisma dripping off our brows and probably not sleeping, we’ll still be competing because you and the world have to vote again. The team that receives the most votes will be named the Ultimate Thailand Explorers and get fabulous prizes, including $10,000 USD.

$10,000 USD. That’s a healthy amount of Thai baht. If we win, we’re going to give away ALL of our prize money to the Chiang Mai ToyRide and the nonprofit charity Give and Live to help children in need near Chiang Mai. Trust me. They need it way more than we do.

So please vote for us! Follow the journey here at ThailandMania.com or on the blog and social network of your choice. If you see a couple guys with their fingers, arms, legs and eyes crossed for good luck, sitting in a coffee shop, or hopefully NOT driving a car, they’re probably us.

Check Out our profile page on the official Ultimate Thailand Explorers Website.

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